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Welcome to my new website!

Oct 2, 2020 | Musings | 0 comments

Hello there party people! Welcome to this blog thing here on my website. In this blog I will be writing about exciting things such as creating swatches for your art supplies, art supplies, my in-progress paintings, (such as “Jabba the Toad” above), vintage craft patterns, knitting, creativity, writing, and of course art. There may be the occasional review/rant of some popular culture entertainment thing as well.

Let’s start with an explanation of sorts about my interest in vintage knitting and vintage craft patterns. Like any good Midwestern girl I was raised doing crafts with my Grandma, mostly to keep Grandma occupied so my Mom could hide, sneak a cigarette and martini, and mostly because she found the Midwest as boring as HECK.

The craft that “stuck” is knitting. Check me out on Ravelry. (CarleneLikesYou)

Because I’m also an antiques dealer with my website, I go to a lot of estate sales. It gave me the itch to seek out vintage craft patterns, so I covet these weird books from the 1940s through the 1980s for bored housewives, and househusbands. Crafts are better than Valium, right Donna Reed? After standing in line for a few hours and rushing in to elbow the other sellers out of my way for “the good stuff”, I settle down in the craft room, garage, or if I’m lucky, studio and paw through this dead person’s art/craft supplies. I live for this.

I know, those of you who are squeamish might be cringing at the thought of playing with the floss of a dead person, but I feel that I’m honoring them. There are usually a lot of vintage UFOs. (Or Unfinished Objects as we say in crafting parlance.) This person had fully intended to finish that Holly Hobby cross stitch in 1974, but then Suzy got unexpectedly knocked-up at 17, and it landed in a closet – only to be discovered years later like some piece of crewel archeology. (Get it, CREWEL??!)

Usually I buy all of the good patterns and books I can get my hands on. Sometimes the UFOs because who doesn’t love paint by numbers kits from the 60’s? I’ll share some of the highlights in my blog with you.